Planning a tour to Tibet is an excitement in itself as the land is so different, unusual and mystical than the rest of the world. Tibet is an exotic place, a land of ancient Buddhist culture, centuries old monasteries and uniquely beautiful desert terrain. Tibet has remained a mysterious land until recent past, cut off from the rest of the world by the mighty Himalayas.

With our well designed Tibet tour packages, we will help you to experience the authentic Tibet with its fascinating Gompas, wandering nomads, ancient markets and amazing turquoise lakes. To travel to Tibet before modern changes take place is an exotic experience. Whether you are in a look for a cultural tour to Lhasa, an overland adventure to Everest base camp or trekking tours to its mountains and lakes, you will find here complete Tibet holidays.

Tibet, exposes travelers to the untouched, raw beauty of mountains and high deserts. This mystical land enchants every visitor. Whether you want to fly in or take the new high-speed train, our Tibet tours offer you the best accommodations and transportation around this remote highland. Whether you want to spend a few days in the capital of Lhasa or spend two weeks touring monasteries and seeing Mt. Everest, our Tibet tour consultants can customize a Tibet tour itinerary just for you. Enjoy Tibet tours and make them to be your lifetime experiences.